Quick COVID Mask Tutorial

QUICK MASK TUTORIAL: Ok, so current #cdc guidance is that “something is better than nothing” when it comes to covering your face when you leave your home during quarantine.

I don’t have any masks and I knew I likely wasn’t going to find any at this point. So I did what a lot of crafty people have done, and fashioned a protective face covering out of materials around my home.

For this project, I used a pillow case and air filter and whipped it into a mask. I am not a seamstress, I am not even super crafty, but here is a quick tutorial of my steps.

My materials included:

1. One pillow case
2. One home air filter that filters out viruses and bacteria
3. Two hair ties
4. Needle, thread and scissors
Note: if you don’t have the air filter, you can definitely stop after step 5.

Also note:  None of this is exact.  I cut the pillow case into halves until I got down to a size that fit my face and this is what it measured out to.

You can stop here and have a perfectly fine mask that will meet the “something is better than nothing” standard. I saw someone suggest adding a filter that blocks viruses for added protection, and I was able to find one at my local Walmart. So I cut a piece of the filter and added it to my mask and sing the steps below.

I’m not a nurse, seamstress, or perfectionist, but I hope this adds an additional layer of protection for the instances when I do have to go out for essentials.

Please don’t mind the grays and the unkempt eyebrows…lol.  Things have slipped a little during the pandemic.

On a serious note, please stay safe y’all!!!  Do not go out unless you HAVE to.  Be mindful of your space when around others.  And be kind to your delivery people, healthcare workers, restauranteurs, and essential workers.  They are exposing themselves and their families daily to keep this country moving!

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