How Authentic Are You?

Truth is I’m tired.  My soul is hurt.  The past few days have been difficult.

From COVID-19 isolation, to my community in distress over how to move forward (and it has brought out some real ugliness), to a erratic political environment, and now social justice yet again being tested in the most horrific way, it’s hard to put on a happy face.  I’ve never been one of those people that was very good at being vulnerable on social media.  I like to show positivity, happiness, and sunshine.  In the face of adversity, I like to show and believe that there is hope.

But the reality is I’m an empath.  When I hurt, I hurt.  When others hurt, I hurt even more.  And it can can catch me so off guard.  The best way I can deal with it sometimes is to just step away.  No news, no social media, nothing.  Shut it all down.

But the show still must go on, right?  Money still has to be made.  And content still has to be created.  How do I create happy content when my heart is so broken?

How authentic are you on social media? How do you strike that balance? How do you create content when your mind just isn’t in it?  Do you step away?  Do you push forward?  Do you have any advice?  Even my content that I pre-planned just felt wrong to post when I’m not feeling it.  It was almost like telling a joke at a funeral.  Just not the right time or place, you know?

Maybe this is my opportunity to try to let myself be vulnerable and transparent. Maybe it will motivate me in some way. But it’s suuupeer hard to post smiley content right now. I will still be liking and supporting when I have a few moments to look through social media though.

If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.

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