Easy, Budget-Friendly Magnetic Mink Lashes

Have you ever tried magnetic eyelashes?? I gave up on trying fake lashes years ago. It was either that or face a certain trip to the ER for an eye injury.

But after seeing an easy tutorial on magnetic lashes, I decided to give this a try. And lemme tell you, they are so easy to put on!!

These are EyLure ProMagnetic Mink Lashes that I bought from my local Target for $15.  To install these lashes, all you had to do was:

1) Apply three layers of the enclosed magnetic eyeliner, being sure to let each layer dry before applying the next.

2) Line the lashes up to the liner and press into place.

It could not get any easier than this! Three swipes with the eyeliner and they snap right on! I’m stunned! It took like five minutes, and that’s only because each layer of eyeliner had to dry before applying the next.

Man…I cannot wait for outside to open! I will definitely be sporting these babies!! They are long enough to give my face a little extra glam, but not so overwhelming they they are yelling at people when I walk by. I love them!

I’m going to keep them on for a few hours and see how well they last. I want to know if they can withstand a night on the town!

I love a budget-friendly make-up win, and this really fits the bill! Let me know what affordable make-up solutions you’ve discovered! I’d love to hear from you!

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