Side Hustle Rule #1

We’ve all heard the adage, if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Well…we also know that bill collectors require money as a form of payment, and sometimes a lot of times…you have to do what you have to do to pay the bills, put food on the table, and keep yourself sheltered and clothed. Including having a 9-5 with things like a salary and health benefits. Ugh! Adulting!

But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that multiple streams of income is a solid idea. We have seen stories of people that have been furloughed or laid off from jobs they’ve had for decades. We’ve seen entire industries crumble. We’ve seen businesses that have existed for lifetimes shutter their doors entirely while the country was in quarantine. It’s been extremely difficult for a lot of people. And it’s emphasized the point that side hustles make a lot of sense. Sometimes those side hustles are the bridge that hold your household together. And in some cases, people were able to build an economic empire with their side hustle when their main job was no more.

For me, I love having multiple streams of income because that’s where I get to truly do what I love. I find that I’m rushing to sign off from my main job to spend my evening hours working on the fun job. If you already love it, it’s such a double bonus to get paid to do it. It can be a security blanket. It can be so reassuring already having systems and structure in place to kick your side hustle into gear should something happen to your main gig.

It’s so interesting to me to see that so many influencers, bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs are teachers, attorneys, nurses, activists, etc. by day. And then they do what their heart’s passion is once they get off. I love seeing both sides of people…we are so multi-faceted. And if there’s anything to be grateful for social media about, it’s for giving us a platform to do what we love, find communities of like minds, and bring us to a place to find and engage with clients and customers.

Is your side hustle an outlet for you?

What’s your “9-5”? For me, I’m an accountant and I analyze financial and economic data. That’s exactly what you would have guessed, right?? Lol.

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