Question: Are you using all of your healthcare perks?

Have you investigated all of the perks that come with your health insurance plan?

I was surprised to learn that my health plan is more than just office visits and prescriptions.  I had a really long and honest conversation with my primary doctor during my last visit a couple months ago.  We talked about some of my concerns, specifically as they relate to my weight and my lack of motivation for working out and eating better.  She asked if I knew about some of Kaiser’s wellness and coaching programs, because she felt like they could help me with these very concerns.  I had seen a little information about some programs over the years, but I had not looked into any specifics. 

Based on our conversation during my visit, my doctor enrolled me into a wellness management program.  I got all set up with the programs and classes that interested me, and began working my way through my group sessions and one-on-one coaching. 

I’ve been working on my fitness goals and attending group meetings for about a month now. It has been really interesting and very enlightening.  I have started pinpointing my perceived obstacles, figuring out ways to motivate myself, and setting some health and wellness goals.

While I have been a member of my insurance plan for well over five years, I am only just now finding out about these perks that are INCLUDED in my plan. Here are a few of them:

  • Health Resource Coordination Program (1:1 coaching with a wellness coordinator)
  • Weight management classes
  • Tobacco cessation classes
  • Stress management classes
  • Exercise and mental health classes
  • Healthy eating classes
  • Connection to local services for:
    • Food and utility assistance
    • Employment assistance / job training
    • Support with social isolation
    • Family support assistance
  • Free apps such as:
    • CALM app
    • MyStrength app
  • Fitness Deals like:
    • Mind  &Body guided exercises and activities
    • ClassPass (free on-demand workouts)
    • Active & Fit Direct (access to participating gyms under one membership)
    • ChooseHealthy (reduced rates on activity trackers, fitness apparel, and exercise equipment; and 25% off chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy services from participating providers)
  • Programs for members over 60 such as:
    • Free home fitness kits
    • Free live and on-demand workouts just for them
    • Healthy aging coaches

** This is not an exhaustive list.

So here’s my point. 

Any one of these items would be something I’d easily pay money for without even thinking.  What great resources to have for free!  Your specific insurance may not have these exact offerings, but they may have some perks, classes, discounts, collaborations, etc. that you could take advantage of.  Look around on your insurance app or website.  Speak to your health provider.  Thumb through the program brochure.  Peruse your employer’s benefits website.  It very well could be that you don’t have any additional perks outside of your general office visits.  But you might!  And you may very well be missing out on some key components to your wellness programs. 

And in addition to missing out on some great wellness opportunities, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.  These are things that I pay for each paycheck through deductions.  Granted—they are not the major component of my health care, but they are built into the price of my insurance plan.  By not using the perks and programs, that’s money I pay out of my pocket for absolutely nothing.  So that’s even more of a reason to find out what you’re missing out on! I don’t like just giving money away…not to big businesses anyway. So if they are taking my money, I want what I’m owed.

I challenge you to look further into your healthcare plan. Find out if there are programs that you could be taking advantage of. They may even have deals on things you already pay for, like gym memberships or massages. Give it a look!

What wellness perks does your healthcare plan have? Have you taken advantage of them? Let me know!

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