Ideas for Handbag Organization

handbag organization

If you’re like me, you have a lot of purses.  A. LOT.  Despite my best efforts to purge and consolidate and minimize, I still have quite a few handbags remaining.  This wasn’t so much of an issue when I lived alone.  But now that I live with my boyfriend, I have to reign this in a little bit.  Apparently there’s no room for my handbag dresser, and having them strewn about the home is a no-go.  Fine.

Before I moved in, I trimmed down my purse collection, and now I have them all isolated to a corner of my closet, piled high.  Real high.  It isn’t functional and definitely isn’t pretty.  I find that I kinda just leave the last one I used on top, so it gets easy to forget about the poor ones on the bottom.  Some may ask…”well, doesn’t that mean you should get rid of the ones on the bottom?”  Of course not!  That’s definitely not logic that I’m going to follow, primarily because…I don’t want to.

So…in my quest to come up with ideas for storing my handbags in the space I’ve been allotted, I rounded up a few ideas from around the web that I thought were cute, functional, affordable, and relatively easy to implement.

book case
{glam book shelf}
closet organizer
{Park-a-Purse Organizer}


curtain rod
{Curtain Rod Organizer}
hanging organizer amazon
{Vertical Hanging Storage}
ikea hack
{Book Case With Cubbies}
lid rack
{Lid Rack}
peg board
{Peg Board}
purse wall
{Purse Wall}
wine rack
{Wine Rack}

Depending on your particular situation, one idea may work better than another.  For now, I should probably get to measuring and assessing to see which one will work for me.

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DIY Cake Stands

diy cake stands

I served as my agency’s campaign manager for our annual charity drive.  It was a big task, and one with high visibility at my job.  As you can imagine, there were some obstacles to the position, but I was honored to step up to the challenge.

One of our awareness events was a sweets tasting.  My fellow colleagues kindly stepped up to volunteer to bake and donate various sweets for the event, and I did the coordination and decor for the employee lounge.  While expectations are low for meetings and such at my particular agency, the fun and creative side of me wanted to “juj” it up a little bit.  I wanted banners and balloon clusters and tissue paper pom-poms.  And  I wanted cake stands and doilies for every item.  This is where I had to think outside the box a little bit.

My role as campaign manager did not come with a budget.  Everything was either donated or out of pocket.  With 20 people donating baked goods, it was not reasonable for me to spend $10-$15 each on 20 cake stands.  Think woman, think!  To the Google!

After some research on google and pinterest, I laid out my plan.  I saw DIY cake stands using affordable items, and decided to try using plates and candle holders from the dollar store.  So this is what I did.


  • candle holders
  • plates
  • gorilla glue

Here are the items I used, all purchased from my local Dollar Tree store (except the Gorilla Glue):

{glass candle holder}
{glass plates}
{grey geometric candle  holder}
{grey ceramic plate}
{gorilla glue}


  • Dot the gorilla glue onto the top of the candle holders.  This doesn’t need to be excessive.


  • Press the glued side of the candle holder onto the bottom of the plates and hold in place according to the instructions on the glue bottle


  • Let the stands cure overnight upside down



Here are my finished stands.  They totally looked awesome when I put doilies on top and delicious sweet treats on them for the event!


I was ecstatic that I was able to execute my vision without breaking my bank!  And I got so many compliments on the presentation!  I wish I took better pics (bad blogger!!!)  In full disclosure, the glass stands made it exactly the length of the event before they toppled.  I’m not sure if they became unstable during the travel to the event or what.  The grey ones lasted and are still in tact months later.  So you may want to consider the fragility of the items that you select for your stand.  I could not have been happier with the outcome.

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I’m obsessed with blue vases

I have found myself drawn lately to blue vases.  I’ve seen them called recycled vases, Parisian vases, bubble vases and farmhouse vases.  I have no idea what the correct name is for them, maybe they are all correct…but there is something about blue clear-ish vases that I’m totally in love with!

These vases are sophisticated, whimsical, and comfortable.  They are great for a minimalist decor style, farmhouse style, or modern.  You can fill them with simple stems or something showy with flowers and petals.  You can set them on a small side table, as a decor item on your book shelf, as a center piece for your dining table, or on the floor to stand out alone.  The possibilities are endless but yet all options are classy and adorably perfect!

I’ve seen them in all of my favorite stores lately, and wouldn’t be surprised if you stumbled across one in a thrift store.  But here are a few that I ran into online for your perusal.


vase amazon 2
{ Amazon – Recycled Spanish Glass }
vase jet
{ Recycled Glass – Jet }


blue vase trassieax
{ Spanish Recycled Glass – Trousseaux }
blue vase joss and main
{ Recycled Glass – Joss & Main }
blue vase ikea
{ Mouth Blown Vase – Ikea }
blue vase 1
{ Recycled Glass – Better Homes & Garden }

I hope you enjoyed my silly obsession…lol.

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