12 Easy DIY Vase Upgrades In Time For Spring

Vases and planters seem to be at the center of home decor these days. Plants are great for creating a warm environment and for improving home air quality. Flowers are known mood-boosters. People are are inviting in more nature into their homes these days for overall mental and physical health reasons (especially during quarantine), and that means they need more pots and vases to put them in.

Yall know I love a good DIY. I love it even more if it’s free, cheap, or cost-friendly. There are SO MANY cute ideas around the innanets, so with plant and flower lovers in mind, I rounded up a few of my favorites! The best part of most of these projects is that you probably have a lot of the materials on hand. And if not, you can scoop them up with a quick trip to the thrift store or dollar store! West Elm and Anthropologie…whatever! Try these easy and less expensive DIY’s and create your own vibe for a fraction of the cost.

Plus…how fun is it to tell guests, “oh that vase? I made that.” (and then turn like it’s no big deal while they gawk in amazement at your super fab, oh-so-chic creation?? I can’t be the only one that loves that feeling.

So here we go!

1) Textured Clay Vase

2) Colorblock Vase

3) DIY Marble Vase

4) Nail Polish Marble Flower Pots

5) Textured pail vase

6) Pottery Barn Inspired Urn

by Hometalk

7) Repurposed Thrift Store Vase

8) Gold Wrapped Vase

9) DIY Terracotta Vases

10) Twine Flower Vase

11) Faux Wood Vase DIY

12) DIY Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

With spring around the corner, it’s a great time to prep your vases for your lovely tablescapes and spring florals. Let me know if you give any of these a try!

Unsubscribe from Those Things Which Do Not Serve You


We all get those emails…and now, heaven forbid…those texts.  The ones offering a sale, or promoting an event, that we can’t quite figure out why we’re being alerted about.  Oh well, no biggie…delete.  Then you get another one, and another one, and a reminder, and before you know it, you’re getting a message a day, then multiple messages a day…delete, delete, delete.  WHY ARE YOU HERE???  WHO SENT YOU???

If you’re like me, it’s not enough to delete and keep it moving.  I want to find the root of the problem and cut off the source, and let them know not to EVER EVER EVER come around here no mo!!!  DO. NOT. SEND. ME. ANOTHER. EMAIL.!!!!  Since the source is probably a sold marketing list from someone I bought something from six months ago…or an event I expressed interest in but never attended (how many times have I done that??), finding the source is not likely to happen, I tuck my tail and opt for the next best, yet not quite as satisfying, thing…I click unsubscribe.

Then to add insult to injury, that little message pops up saying that they hate to see me go, and asking what did they do wrong.  Ha!  What did you do wrong???  You sent me an email!   Please click the box that applies–they ask.  Where is the box that says WHO. SENT. YOU.????

Then they probe me further.  Do we send too many emails?  Do you want to revise your subscription?  I NEVER SUBSCRIBED!!!  Do you only want to hear about sales and special events?  Seasonal messages?  Certain products?  What?  How can we keep you???  Please don’t go!!!

It is getting harder and harder to just live in peace, uninterrupted and unbothered.  Stores and people will intrude on your space without thinking about it for a millisecond.  Any opportunity that they can find to jam their issues or products smack into your face, they will take it.

And it’s not just businesses that do this.  Do you ever find that your day is going along perfectly fine, and someone figures out how to disrupt your peace with their drama?  Can you help?  Can you buy?  Can you advise me?  Can you listen to this?  Take my side?  Do me a favor?

Or what about the oh so important news alerts, or text message notifications from the chat group you don’t remember ever asking to be in?  It is virtually impossible these days to just be.   Uninterrupted and unbothered.  Impossible.

But here’s the good news.  That unsubscribe button…it’s there for a reason, and you should definitely use it.  Use it now, and use it often.  Yes, you should not have to use it, but if it helps to make your life a little less irritating, then click it hard and fast!  And don’t give it another thought.

To preserve your peace of mind, to maintain your sanity, or to save your wallet, unsubscribe from these items ASAP:

  • Emails from stores that you rarely or never shop at
  • Email lists that message often, but you rarely read
  • Any text messages from a business you have no interest in
  • Emails that tempt you daily about a product you don’t need and should never purchase
  • Group chats that are constantly dramatic
  • Emails about items that are no longer relevant (you already bought the house, why do you need to keep hearing from the realtor?)
  • Emails about events that you’ve decided are of no interest to you
  • Emails that are clearly from a company that you’ve never had a relationship with and never will
  • Continuous emails from hotel and travel sites when the promotions aren’t typically as good as they lead you to believe
  • Social media accounts that don’t serve as a source of information, joy, comedy, inspiration, or motivation

Life is hard enough sometimes.  Do you really need mental interruptions that impact your peace of mind?  If the answer is no, do yourself a favor–unsubscribe!!

Purge–and have it picked up

donations 1

It’s time to get rid of that futon. And that old desk.  And that cabinet with three legs that you swore you’d find another leg for and paint and make brand new.  But you’re going on 10 years since making that promise, and let’s face it — it’s never going to happen.  Ever.  It’s time to let those long-held items go, let them find a new home with an owner that will live up to its promise to refurbish and make it whole again.  It’s not you.  It’s never going to be you.  Ever.

If you’re like me, one of the main reasons those items linger around your home way too long, is because they aren’t exactly going to squish into the back of your fiat or your volvo hatchback.  Even if you have an SUV like I do, some furniture is just too large to fit, or too heavy to carry alone, or would require entirely too many trips back and forth to the organization, or would require you asking a friend, which no one ever wants to do for fear of owing a favor…or you’re lazy.  Like me.  No judgment here, I promise.

So you have to figure out other arrangements.  The good news is that there are lots of charity organizations that will gladly take these items off your hands, and they will come to your home to pick them up from you.  Here are a few organizations that will do just that:

SALVATION ARMY:  This is probably going to be the way to go if you have a lot of random and bulky items that aren’t accepted by every organization.  They accept a wide range of furniture, home goods, appliances and clothing.  This is the option I went with.  They have a very simple website that, in a few short clicks and keystrokes, allow you to set up your pick-up date and location.  You can be present or leave the items in a location outside the home for them to grab.  It doesn’t really get much easier than this.

This organization accepts:  appliances, automobiles, clothing, furniture, household items, and miscellaneous items.

GREEN DROP:  This organization is a one-stop shop for multiple charities.  Your donation to Green Drop can benefit The American Red Cross, Purple Heart, National Federation of the Blind, and/or St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia.  You can donate at a Green Drop location or arrange to have your items picked up and they will also notify you when they will be in your neighborhood again.  Because, let’s face it, there’s always more purging to be done.  If you are doing a home clean-out, Green Drop will send a concierge to your home to let you know what they can accept, and to help you and your driver prepare for your upcoming donation.  Say whaaaaat????

This organization accepts:  clothing, bedding, tools, collectibles, kitchenware, toys, small appliances, electronics, musical instruments, and sporting goods.  They do NOT accept tv’s or tubular computers.  All donations must be less than 50 pounds.

PURPLE HEART:  Aside from its charitable work for veterans, this organization is best known its car donation program.  I have personally donated a car to Purple Heart in the past, and found the process to be simple and flawless.  A quick trip to the website and you can arrange to have your car picked up by the organization.  You can also donate clothing and home items by using Green Drop.

Please note, you must have a clean title (no liens) to donate your car.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY:  Best known for their work building houses, this organization also has its thrift store (the Habitat Re-Store), which sells building materials and other items that went unused in their home building, along with furniture and home furnishings.  Some locations will come and pick up your donated items from your home.  Habitat for Humanity also accepts car donations.

This organization accepts: new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods, cars, and more.

SECOND CHANCE:  This charitable organization deconstructs buildings and homes, salvages usable materials and makes those available to the public through their 200,000 square feet of retail space.  With the revenue generated, Second Chance provides job training and workforce development for those with employment obstacles in the Baltimore region.

This organization accepts old doors and windows, hardware and tools, ironwork and mantles, and gently used furniture, building materials, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, tubs, sinks, accessories, household goods, garden elements, collections, lighting or unique architectural items in good to excellent condition.  They even accept automobiles and homes.

COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK:  Started by a couple of college kids in 2003, this organization has grown and is now a franchised moving company that offers full-service residential and commercial moving, junk removal, donation pickups, and moving labor services across the United States and Canada.  Unlike nonprofit organizations, this is a company that charges a fee for its services.  But don’t shy away from that.  If you need stuff gone in a hurry, this is one way to do it.  And we all know, sometimes paying money is worth your peace of mind.

For items that you wish to donate, College Hunks will remove your items and take them for donation to places such as Goodwill, Green Drop, and Habitat for Humanity.

This organization:  does furniture and junk removal, appliance removal and recycling, yard waste cleanup, electronics recycling, carpet removal and recycling, mattress disposal, tire removal and recycling, office equipment removal, trash removal and garbage pickup, scrap metal removal, home junk removal and recycling, hot tub removal, and attic clean-out.  They will also In short, there is not much in your home that they will not help you remove or get rid of.

This is in no way an all-encompassing list.  Each area has local charities that may also provide donation pick-up services.  Do some research and see what your area has to offer.  But the take-away from this post is that this is motivation to get to purging.  Don’t let your car sitch or your lack of help keep you from getting on with your purging efforts.  Get your trash bags and boxes and fill them up.  Make the call, get your pick-up scheduled, and have your items ready to go when your crew arrives!

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