I guess I’m a microblogger

Truth of the matter is…I have a short attention span. I realized I am slack-ass with my blog because I feel like every post should be this long, well-researched post containing everything from a hypothesis all the way to a conclusion. I feel like every post should be lengthy and should solve a problem, however, I know that’s not necessarily why I read blog posts, and I assume there are others who also don’t read blogs for the length.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am looking for a specific solution to a specific problem, and blogs help me with that. In that case, the more thorough, the better. But sometimes I just want to be nosey, or I just want to see a picture and two sentences…or even better…a couple of bullet points. I just want to get a sneak peek inside someone’s life, see what they’ve been up to, what they wore, and how they felt. I normally skim long posts, search out the key words or the pieces of interest. You know–like when you find a recipe and the author drolls on and on about how her grandmother used to churn her own butter just to make her special biscuits. Skip, skip, skip…

So WHY do I feel like my posts should be long?

Well…as of this moment, I don’t feel that way. Some, if not all, of my posts will be short and sweet. I’m not sure if microblogging is the right term, but that’s what I will be doing. Short posts and pics…unless there’s a topic I feel like I want to expound on.

How do you approach blogging? What is it you enjoy when you are reading other blogs?