A Quick V-day Road Trip: Lancaster, PA

In lieu of Valentine’s Day gifts this year, my boyfriend and I decided to put money towards a little getaway. We are actively purging things in our home, and there is literally nothing else that either of us needs. I’m not super into v-day, so I didn’t want flowers or chocolates or any gifts. It all seems wasteful to me, and since we are trying to eliminate clutter, gifts just didn’t make sense to us.

So we took a road trip instead. And what place screams amore like Lancaster, PA–the Amish capital of love?

Let me tell you, we went with no expectations, and we had such a relaxing and lovely time. We went to the outlets (which forced us to get rid of a few extra items from our closet to justify the purchases), we went to a little shopping village for sourvenirs, we did a wine tasting, we grabbed coffee, we found an artisan bizarre, we stumbled upon a fire and ice festival, we went to food vendors, we saw horse and buggies, and we sampled ice cream at the Turkey Hill museum. We visited some neighboring towns near Lancaster, and overall, we just played everything by ear.

We had not done any traveling or even so much as a road trip in over a year, so this was a nice getaway that wasn’t too far, and that had little traffic to get to. We loved just going with the flow and holding hands and just enjoying each other.

One thing I did not realize is that the tourist area of Amish country is actually called Intercourse, PA…(I chuckled about this entirely too much)…so I guess that’s in line with Valentine’s Day after all!

My favorite place was the canning shop where they had every type of canned butter, marmalade, jam, relish, and pickled items that you could imagine. I can’t wait to dig into my apple butter and pineapple marmalade!

Do you give/receive gifts for Valentine’s Day? Would you forego gifts to do something together as a couple? How did you celebrate this year?

Here are a few more pics from the trip, and there’s a video on my IG at @justa_mdgirl.

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I'm a Maryland girl, cat owner, and music lover. I'm awkward and introverted and totally flawed, and learning to be ok with it all. Share this journey with me as I write about the various things I love about my state, my random ponderings, and this life of mine.

4 thoughts on “A Quick V-day Road Trip: Lancaster, PA

  1. I am glad you chuckled about the town name because I saw your first photo with the name and laughed 🤣 I am from Pennsylvania and can’t recall visiting that town. Gonna have to add that to my list of places to visit.


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