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What I learned by doing a Walk Challenge

In February, I decided to do a walk challenge. The challenge was pretty simple—to walk 30 miles in a month. This is an extremely doable goal, but the key to me being successful was consistency.  And this is something I have struggled with. Here’s what I walked away with from this challenge.

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January Diary Entry: TV, Podcasts, Crafts, and Tap

It’s been a good start to 2023. January has been all about trying to keep my mind and body active and entertained. I’ve been taking lots of notes about random things, and I’ve finally gotten into this podcast craze I have been missing out on. I’ve found some cool things to watch on tv and even took a tap class. Here’s my round-up for the month: What I watched: Podcasts I’ve Listened To: I have been wanting to get into podcasts for some time. I got a new phone recently and decided this was the…

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My Week of Vegging: What I Watched, Read, and Made

The week between Christmas and New Years is like…my favorite. I absolutely just let myself BE this week. I did not have anything planned, I didn’t force myself to do any work outside of “work” work, though I took off most of the week so that I could use up leave that I was about to lose. I just did whatever I felt like doing when I felt like doing it, and I REFUSED to let myself feel bad for sitting on my sofa vegging out when there are plenty of things I “should” have…

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Intentional Spending: Frugal vs. Cheap

I’m in a facebook group for frugal living and a question came up regarding personal care spending.  The question went something like this:  “Do you spend a lot for your shampoo?  I believe mine is making my hair fall out. ” The responses ranged from “do not skimp on caring for yourself” to “this could be related to something other than shampoo, such as thyroid issues or vitamin deficiencies.”  But the responses were consistently and unanimously on the side of not skimping on personal care items when choosing frugality could possibly cause you harm. Obviously there’s…

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